How To Handicap NFL Games - How Hard Can It Be?

So you want to learn how to handicap NFL games. For those uninitiated amongst you, this is a dynamic used by the bookmakers to make the game you are betting on more interesting. It of course is also another bet on offer that the bookmaker can capitalize on, but then so can you if you do your preparation thoroughly.

The dynamic of the handicap bet in football is rather than just giving straight odds on which team will win, the bet is spiced up, in particular when it comes to a very strong favorite matching up against a no hoper. In such a scenario under the normal conventional method, if you have a very strong favorite and you want to bet on this team, how good their chances are is going to be reflected in the price offered by the sportsbook. In other words, normally speaking, the value you will be able to attain will be very poor and you may end up asking yourself is it worth putting your money on such a team, even though you may be confident of the outcome.

When it comes to how to handicap NFL games you are looking at the point spread between the two teams. What the bookmaker does in this instance is give the underdog a head start, so of course this shift, now gets you thinking, could this head start enable betting on the weaker side to win your bet? Maybe yes, maybe no, it might not be quite enough to get you over the line.

You are going to have to look at a multitude of variables to make an accurate selection if you want to do it yourself, which is after all part of the fun. However you may wish to make it easier, so as an alternative you might just want to select your favorite NFL analyst on TV who might know how to handicap NFL games better than you. If you decide to take this approach, be sure to do your homework first & check his winning percentages first. Find a good one and you might just have discovered a shortcut!