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Bovada Casino is one of the most popular gaming platforms on the net, offering slots, table games, blackjack games, video poker, and other various online casino games. In addition, Bovada Casino has also offered other avenues for players, including sports betting and horse race betting, illustrating the range of activities in which it is involved.

While it has received rave reviews from various players across the Internet, Casino Bovada unfortunately has complaints lodged against it as well for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons include locked funds, and locked funds can connote a number of different items, from deposited players moneys to various cash bonuses.

In general, a wide array of complaints constitutes Bovada Casino commentary, and the following paragraphs will detail how locked funds work, as well as some additional issues with Bovada Casino complaints specifically. It will then conclude by summarizing ways in which players can protect themselves, so they do not necessarily need to write complaints about Bovada in the future.

Locked Funds: The Lowdown

Locked funds would likely be one of the least favorite aspects of a player's experience. After all, how can one exactly enjoy playing a game when funds are not available to play? However, a closer look at what locked funds really entails is informative for learning more about what underlies the complaints regarding Bovada.

Rationally locked funds can be formally defined as a balance that includes deposited funds, including funds attached to any deposited bonus. Furthermore, these funds are also attached to any winnings that may have occurred during a given wager Sometimes players may mistakenly think that they have frozen funds, when what they really have to do is just wait and wager through all the required wagering requirements before their funds and winnings can be released.

Irrationally locked funds can occur for a variety of reasons. While one explanation is that the system simply glitched, another explanation could be that there was an error on the gamer's part. For instance, if the gamer does not follow through with appropriate self-identification as part of the platform's verification process, then it is likely that funds will be locked.

Other activities may also contribute to funds getting locked, such as violating any of the terms and conditions clearly set forth by the casino and agreed upon by the players before they begin to take advantage of gaming and other welcome offers. Surprisingly, complaints regarding Bovada Casino may be attributed to the player's own violation of terms and conditions, although these violations are rarely announced in the complaints on Bovada Casino.

Common Issues

Just like any other major established gaming platform, Casino Bovada has attracted complaints in some corridors online, many of which are concentrated in specific gaming forums. Some complaints regarding Bovada Casino do appear across these platforms, and a good percentage of them pertain to player error, rather than willful casino deception.

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However, many of the Bovada Casino complaints neglect to take into account the fine print, or the terms and conditions, associated with taking advantage of welcome offers and other benefits on Bovada Casino. Sometimes players readily accept a bonus, yet they are unclear on what exactly that bonus entails; they do not understand that a certain percentage of the funds are frozen and not permitted to be used until each element of the bonus offer is satisfied.

Nevertheless, other complaints discuss Bovada practices that gamers are also displeased with. For instance, some complaints regarding Bovada detail how the fees are too high, or how Bovada should lower its fees so that the players retain an even greater percentage of their earnings. Relative to other casinos, Bovada does have complaints that span a few different concerns, and it has resulted in unpleasant online movements such as "Avoid Bovada" or "Don't Use Bovada."

Some of the complaints on Bovada seem skeptical in nature. For instance, some users claim that they had made huge winnings on Bovada, only for the platform to refuse to pay out. When looking more closely at one of the complaints on Bovada, it became clear that the issue pertained back to personal identification, and any legitimate gaming platform has a stick 18+ limit, or whatever the legal gaming age is in a given country.

If the identification reveals an underage minor or otherwise appears fraudulent, then of course it is likely for that player to not receive funds they have won. After all, the terms and conditions make it abundantly clear that one must be of legal gaming age, so the complaints against Bovada over frozen funds due to age discrepancies after patently unfair.

Proactive Movements

Locked funds do not have to mean the be-all, end-all of one's gaming experience. After all, despite the complaints surrounding Bovada Casino, the platform truly has offered a largely favorable experience for more than one player. The largely favorable experiences lead one to think as to whether or not certain behaviors might be more proactive in preventing this issue from occurring in the first place.

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One of the biggest methods in which locked funds can happen occurs when a player attempts to withdraw funds or take any cash out of the bet before the wagering requirements have been totally fulfilled, as mentioned briefly above. For instance, suppose that you are playing with a coupon that has a 10x wagering requirement, yet you try to withdraw your winnings at the 8x mark, rather than the 10x mark, Such an action undoubtedly may lead to the locked funds that constitute complaints surrounding Bovada Casino today.

In fact, Bovada addresses complaints head on in its very own website, illustrating its awareness of the issue and offering a clear means of communicating with the company over the issue of funds getting frozen. Nevertheless, the complaints on Bovada Casino are greater in number than several other websites, which leads to the suggestion that Bovada Casino should likely alter some of its practices in the near future.

Ultimately, like all other things in life, issues will come up with virtually and business or service; the key is how the business or service deals with the issues. In the case of Bovada and the complaints addressed to it, it is likely that the casino will continue to be more popular than unpopular, particularly in light of the high praise it receives elsewhere.